Mary Iverson

As Mary sees it, The SODO Track is situated between two visual icons: Mount Rainier and the Port of Seattle. You can catch views of both as you travel through it. Her mural merges the two landmarks in a zigzag composition of vibrant color and sharp angles. The dramatic perspective of the field of shipping containers gives a sense of movement and space, drawing you in toward the central silhouette of the mountain. Mary’s mountain is in conversation with the mountain in Casey Weldon and Syd Bee’s composition, and she painted additional black containers to dialogue with the dominance of black in Cyrcle’s mural.

Owned by the Frye Museum and managed by Nitze-Stagen, this building houses Gensco and the Goodwill Seattle Outlet.

Mary Iverson (MFA, University of Washington) is a Seattle-based painter known for her bold, graphic work. Her work balances the representational with the abstract, with precise mathematical order challenged by chaotic disruption. Often superimposing shipping containers onto serene natural landscapes, Mary’s work implies movement through a natural order and a human control system gone awry.