This too shall pass… Then out came the sun View map of mural location on Google Maps 1703 6th Ave S

CYRCLE delivers a powerful message on the SODO Track. Using only text and a palette of only black and white across 275 feet, a sincere and poetic moment is offered with just five words. “Life is always in session and our thoughts and emotions are in constant motion (like the italicized font suggests),” David Leavitt explains. Using the Seattle weather as a metaphor for circumstances or perspectives that change like the seasons, CYRCLE offers a message of hope.

Owned by the Frye Museum and managed by Nitze-Stagen, this building houses Gensco and the Goodwill Seattle Outlet.

Portrait of artists David Leavitt and David Torres

CYRCLE, the Los Angeles-based duo of David Leavitt (originally from Bellevue, WA) and David Torres, produces international murals, fine art installations, video and design work. Continually evolving in style, content and approach, their ongoing explorations of power, hope and duality offer a through line.