View of The Wire, mural created by the Low Bros.

The SODO Track is an icon in the making. We are transforming the portal to Downtown Seattle – a two-mile transit corridor traveled by over 50,000 daily – into an imaginative raceway of art in motion. This free and accessible urban art gallery is the first to commission over 60 artists to explore one theme, and to paint side-by-side.

Local, national and international artists – invited by Lead Artist Gage Hamilton and artists who self-submitted to 4Culture’s Muralist Roster – are exploring “movement and progress,” a reflection of the in-motion viewing experience of their bus and light rail-riding audience.

40 artists produced 29 murals in 2016 and 2017. In 2018, 23 artists – from Seattle to Sao Paolo, Italy to Taiwan, Australia to Romania and more – paint SODO Track. See you July 15 – 25, 2018!

The SODO Track spans 5th Ave South between Royal Brougham Way and Spokane Street.

Ride Sound Transit Link light rail between Stadium and Beacon Hill Stations to experience 14 artworks painted between Royal Brougham and S Forest Street in 2016 and 17.

Ride Metro Transit bus number 150 or 594 between “SODO Busway & S Royal Brougham Way” and “SODO Busway Acrd & S Spokane” Stations to experience 28 artworks painted between Royal Brougham and Spokane St in 2016 and 17. These buses also stop at SODO Station, so you can combine bus and train.

Walk or cycle the SODO Trail to experience 12 artworks painted up close and at your own pace. The SODO Trail extends from Royal Brougham to S Forest St on the east side of the SODO Busway. From there, you can also see 4 murals across the way, on the west side of the SODO Busway.


Gage Hamilton

Gage is an artist, curator and the co-organizer of Forest For The Trees, a nonprofit public art project in Portland, OR. Commissioned by 4Culture, Gage developed a Public Art Plan for the SODO Track and is curating its three summer festivals.

Tamar Benzikry

Tamar manages public art projects for 4Culture. Her partner portfolio includes King County Metro and Sound Transit, which invest % for Art in the production of contemporary art for shared public space. She is the project manager for SODO Track.


Portrait of Dominic Neiri

Dominic Nieri

Dominic, a fine art documentarian and creative producer, is the SODO Track lead photographer and production coordinator. See more of his work by following wiseknave.

Kathleen Warren

Kathleen is the director of Urban ArtWorks, a Seattle nonprofit that provides opportunities for underserved youth and contemporary artists to work together. UA youth participate in SODO Track Artist-led workshops and help maintain the project’s “black line.”

Erin Goodman

Erin is the Executive Director of the SODO BIA, representing SODO’s property and business owners. The BIA endorsed the Public Art Plan for the SODO Track and is a financial contributor to the project.