David Rice + Ola Volo

Blending together two worlds in their first collaboration to date, Ola and David filled their wall with wildlife commonly found in the northwest. Ola’s rich, graphic narrative incorporates stylings of various animals in a forest. David’s realistic depictions appear to leap off the wall onto the SODO Track. “Always on the move, these creatures must be proactive in their pursuits for progress,” the artists explain.

Owned by Stack Industrial Properties, this building houses Encore Metals USA.

David Rice (BA, University of Colorado Boulder) is a Portland-based painter and illustrator, who aims to combine the natural world with the human engineered. His hyper-realistic renderings of animal life are often superimposed on graphic pattern backdrops. Whether David’s figures are captured in motion or sitting still, his juxtaposition of the organic and the flat allows his figures to jump off of the canvas.

Ola Volo (BFA, Emily Carr University) is a Canadian illustrator from Kazakhstan with a distinctive style drawn from history, multiculturalism and folklore. Her intricate works bring animals, people, architecture and nature together to articulate diverse stories rich with symbolism and elaborate forms. Ola creates winding narratives that lovingly acknowledge the subtleties of human nature while celebrating the little surprises of everyday life.