Syd Bee + Casey Weldon

As friends and contemporaries, Syd and Casey’s work share commonalities including a similar color palette, a hint of dark themes, and a love of cats. For this piece, their first mural, they created a collaborative cinematic scene loosely based on Alfred Hitchcock’s “Birds” that also offers a play on the phrase “raining cats and dogs,” a nod to the Seattle weather. Like the nearby works of Mary Iverson, Josh Keyes and Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Syd and Casey’s mural implies an uneasy albeit playful dynamic between man and nature, a dynamic always in motion.

Owned by the Frye Museum and managed by Nitze-Stagen, this building houses Gensco and the Goodwill Seattle Outlet.

Syd Bee (BFA, Cornish College of the Arts) is a Seattle-based painter who creates dreamlike figurative works. Her tranquil subjects are as mesmerizing as they are haunting, floating in a monochromatic world recognizably her own. Balancing an eerily still gaze reminiscent of found vintage photographs, Syd often employs subtle, ghostly movements, occasional humor, and decorative plant or animal life to create narratives for her figures.

Casey Weldon (BA, Art Center College of Design) is a Seattle-based painter known for infusing eye-catching, fantastical scenes with dark tones, humor, and popular tropes. His work often combines influences that range from graphic novels and internet memes to the macabre and cinema, realized with meticulously rendered figures in glowing pink and turquoise hues.