Rather Severe + Gabriel Marquez

Hallucinations of an Unchartered Territory View map of mural location on Google Maps 2411 6th Ave S

Portland, Oregon based artists Jon Stommel and Travis Czekalski, together known as Rather Severe, create vibrant uplifting murals that depict psychedelic scenes exploding with imaginative characters. Gabriel Marquez, a Seattle based artist, is known for his unique approach to drawing that intuitively wraps and layers unseen subjects with string-like textures until they are revealed.

In their first collaboration, and Gabriel’s first mural, the three artists present Hallucinations of an Unchartered Territory. A mixture of fantastical black and white characters leap off of a colorfully layered background as they try to keep pace with the northbound transit riders, leading them to the inverted reality of neighboring artwork by David Rice & Ola Volo. This mural was painted in loving memory of Jose Alfredo Marquez.