Spencer Keeton Cunningham

Standing Rock / Stolen Native Patternwork #10 View map of mural location on Google Maps 1563 6th Ave S

Raised in the Pacific Northwest on the Colville Indian Reservation and in Portland, OR, Spencer Keeton Cunningham’s life has been a nomadic journey guided by art and activism. Today, his work combines traditional Native patterns and symbols with repetitive American iconography, along with his own creations, to explore themes of exploitation, death, urban life, and natural landscape. Spencer commonly exhibits his art to raise awareness and funds for Indigenous rights and environmental protection.


For SODO Track, he explored motion in solidarity with a current movement – that of Standing Rock and the fight to halt the North Dakota Access Pipeline. His patterns and symbols frame representational imagery designed by artist Josh Keyes, issuing a parallel commentary on the battle between a natural order and Western development.