Yok & Sheryo

Yok and Sheryo, an artist duo from Australia and Singapore, combine visual inspiration from Southeast Asian cultures with Western subculture aesthetics, such as retro skateboarding graphics, surfing, kitsch and pulp illustrations. Playful and irreverent, an affinity for grime, cartoons, corner stores, punk culture, and hip hop is prevalent in their characters and compositions.

Seattle Commuters is a tribute to all of the people who wait for the bus, traveling for work and play. Characters include the likes of Hustler Spidey, Naughty Banana, Working Butterfly, School Boy Caterpillar, Magic Slug, NY Apple, Smiley Vase and Skulley Surfboard. Located adjacent to artwork by Basik and Jesse Brown, the artists share graffiti roots and an interest in subculture symbolism.